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Q: Who can buy from

Everyone can buy at FISIK.ID! But,you need to have a valid bank account, credit card or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) or have a netbanking account.


Q) What is a coupon? I have received a promotion coupon code how do I use it?

We introduce various promotions from time to time. To enable you to take benefit of these promotions, you are provided with relevant promotion coupon codes. In order to take benefit of the discount / promotion, you will need to enter the promotion coupon code in the space provided for it in your shopping bag, and click the "Apply" button next to it. Your coupon will be applied ONLY after you confirm your order by clicking on the Place Order button later in the checkout process.

Multiple coupons cannot be used on a single order.


Q) Is there any difference between the merchandise sold at and physical stores?

FISIK offers the same quality of merchandise as sold in stores, and the prices are also typically the same. However, we are currently not offering the complete range of products available in our store, on our website, though we are continually expanding the range.

Q) What type of products do you sell on-line?

We sell sports equipments, mostly shoes. These products can be used as lifestyle products too.

Q) Can you arrange for the delivery of a product which is available in our physical store but not available online?

We can only deliver products which are featured on the website and available in stock

Q) How do I understand which size will fit me? Do you have size charts?

All branded products usually have standard sizes, and we provide size information for FISIK on our website. Click Size&Fit to see how the shoe/apparel size goes with your actual size.

Q) What are the wash care instructions for the product I have ordered?

Wash care instructions wherever applicable can be found on the product details page. This is the page from where you added the product to the shopping bag. Alternately, most garments come with wash care labels.


Q) I searched, but I can't find the item which I saw in one of your stores.

It is possible that you may not find an item you saw in the store, since it could have gone out of stock, or it may not be a part of our online range at present.



Q) How can I make a payment?

Currently we only accept Bank Transfers and Credit Card withVISA/MASTERCARD logo.

For Bank Transfers:

Bank Transfers Credit Card
Cab. KCP Menara Imperium
Cab. Melawai Raya



Q) Do you accept debit cards?

No, currently we do not accept payment through debit cards. For debit card payment from ATM, you can choose Bank Transfers on payment method option.


Q) Do you accept payment through cheque/Demand Draft?

No, currently we do not accept payment through cheque/Demand Draft


Q) When would the payment be deducted from my card account? Would I be charged as soon as I complete ordering online?

Yes, an amount equal to your total order value will be blocked against your credit card limit, as soon as you complete the transaction. In the unlikely event that we are unable to ship your full order, you shall not be charged for any items, which are not delivered to you, or shall receive a full refund for the amount of such undelivered items.


Q) Is Stop-payment allowed in case I realize my card has been misused or a purchase made fraudulently?

You will need to report the incident to your card issuing bank.


Q) What should I do if my credit  card has been compromised when I am trying to make a payment online?

We do not store your complete credit card information on our website, and hence this cannot be compromised on our website. If you suspect that your card has been compromised on some other website and has been misused on our website, please immediately report the incident to your card issuing bank Please also refer our privacy policy, which mentions that we do not collect or store your complete credit card information, and this is securely transmitted directly to the Bank's payment gateway.


Q) Can I pay in-store for a product bought online?

No. Sorry, as of now we do not offer such facility.


Q) Is Cash On Delivery available?

No, Currently cash on delivery is not applicable.


Q) Can I use multiple Gift card numbers in one order?

No. We’re really sorry.


Q) Are my personal details secured?

Yes it’s absolutely secure. We don’t use any third parties so your information save with us.


Q) Is there any charge for registration?

No, registration on is absolutely free


Q) Under what circumstances can my registration expire?

Usually registrations do not expire. However, if your account is in-active for a fairly long period we may suspend it or de-activate it, in which case, you can contact our Customer Service Representative to activate the account. They will reactivate your account after verification of some details to confirm your identity.


Q) What are the benefits for registration?

As a registered member you enjoy following benefits:

  • Express Checkout - Sign in and proceed to checkout for quick ordering.
  • Order History - Review the details of your Order history and status.
  • Address Book - Create and save addresses of your family & friends for faster check out.


Q) Can I cancel my registration any time?

Yes, you can cancel your registration at your wish. You will need to contact our Customer Service Representative with a request and reason for cancellation and we will do the needful within 15 working days


Q) What if I have forgotten my Password?

We can help you retrieve your password. Please contact our customer service for this.


Q) How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the Profile section


Q) Can I edit my personal details

Yes, most of your personal detail is editable. It can be done in the Profile section under edit profile tab. However, you will not be able to modify your Title, Name, Gender, and Date of birth if you have linked your First Citizen membership with the online account.


Q) What if I have forgotten my Login Id/ Customer Id?

You may write to us at with following details which you provided at the time of sign in:

  • Date of birth
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address provided
  • Past order number of an order placed from your login id, if any


Q) How can I change my email address? Can I change the email id I used for registration?

You can not modify your e-mail address, since your email address is your user Id.


Q) Is email address mandatory when registering?

Yes. Your email ID is the same as your username/login ID, and is therefore required when you create an account on FISIK.ID


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